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World Champions!

World Champions!
Scariolo decided to start with Oriola instead of Claver and the change of pleans threw some early results: Spain dominates 2-14 (min 4) with Scola scoreless. Argentina's reaction was only a matter of time and an 11-0 run lead by Brussino showed a 13-14 for Spain (min 8).

It was the time for the second unit coming in little by little and the results were outstanding: a 1-17 run for the Spanish National Team dominating by 17 points by the end of the second period. At half time the scoreboard displayed a 12 point advantage for Scariolo's men.

A response from the Argentinian team was expected in the third period but the Spanish National team was a tornado from the beginning: Ricky was outstanding on the direction and the team's defense was stifling. Scola and Campazzo still had a hard time scoring and getting comfortable shots and only Deck for Sergio Hernández's men was able to score consistently.

Three Real Madrid players, Laprovittola, Deck and Campazzo, where the culprits of Argentina's resilience during most of the 4th period, but still it was painful for them to score: Spain was always able to stay in control of the game and maintain the advantage at the scoreboard.

At the end of the game Spain lead 75-95 proclaiming themselves World Champions for the second time in the National Team's history, thanks to an excellent group of players.