Visiting Save The Children's Kids Center in Leganés.

Tues­day Decem­ber the 12th I went to vis­it in Leg­anés one of Save The Chil­dren's cen­ters, where the NGO does an out­stand­ing work fight­ing poverty and so­cial ex­clu­sion.   I had the op­por­tun­ity to spend some time with kids (from 6 to 14 years old) and fam­il­ies, as some of ...

Christmas' visit

On Decem­ber the 30th Real Mad­rid's foot­ball and bas­ket­ball's first teams par­ti­cip­ated in the Club Found­a­tion's ini­ti­at­ive 'At Christ­mas, no Child without a Gift'. Fe­lipe Reyes and Ser­gio Llull for the bas­ket­ball team and Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldo and Ser­gio Ramos for the foot­ball team where the top rerpesent­at­ives and vis­ited San­itas La Mor­aleja hos­pit­al. ...

No child without a gift

The cam­paign At Christ­mas, no child without a gift was presen­ted at the San­ti­ago Bern­abéu with the pres­ence of Zid­ane, Ramos and Mar­celo from the foot­ball team, and Ser­gio Llull and Fe­lipe Reyes as rep­res­ent­at­ives for Real Mad­rid bas­ket­ball. This tra­di­tion­al cam­paign by Real Mad­rid Found­a­tion has its fun­da­ment­als in try­ing to ...

Llull supports the AECC

Ser­gio LLull sup­por­ted this morn­ing the fund rais­ing or­agan­ized by the AECC. This as­so­ci­ation works to fund re­search that puts an­ti­dote to can­cer.

Christmas's visit

Real Mad­rid once again hon­oured the yearly tra­di­tion that they share with chil­dren at hos­pit­als in the Span­ish cap­it­al on Fri­day. Fol­low­ing the Whites' an­nu­al Christ­mas din­ner, Ser­gio Ramos, Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldo, Fe­lipe Reyes and Ser­gio Llull vis­ited the San­itas La Mor­aleja Hos­pit­al to hand out presents to the young pa­tients ...

Llull raised funds in favor of the Syrian refugees

The in­ter­na­tion­al Span­ish play­er put in acu­tion the sneak­ers that he wore in the Euro­bas­ket fi­nal to raise funds in fa­vor of the Syr­i­an refugees. The auc­tion raised 751 € that were donated to the Red Cross.

A "tapas" afternoon with Llull

Ser­gio Llull shared a char­ity meal with his fans in which the "tapas" served and Ser­gio's trans­par­ency were the stars of the af­ter­noon. All the funds ris­en were in fa­vor of the Dis­abled Peope Found­a­tion of Men­orca.
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