Hello everyone! I hope you like my new website. Here you will find news, pictures and  a much more about me. I started playing basketball at the age of 5 at La Salle Mahon school in Menorca, if back then someone had told me that I would have a website,I wouldn’t have believed it.



My grandfather was a basketball coach and my father played also basketball in the team in which I started to practice this sport. I remember as it was yesterday the days when I used to attend to my fahter’s games together with my mother. I enjoyed it a lot and I couldn't wait to jump to the court and try to shoot some balls even though the net was too high for me. This is where my passion for basketball comes from. Although at school I used to play both football and basketball, I always had in mind to become a professional basketball player. Some of my friends wanted to become astronauts, doctors, policemen or firefighters but I always wanted to become a basketball player and now I'm living my dream.

At the age of 15, after a lot of games, training sessions with my team and challenges with my brother Iván, I played one game that became an inflection point in my life. We played an away game against Jovent Alaior, the second best team of the league, and a lot of the players in our team were injured. We won that game 105-117 and without extra time I managed to score 71 points and dish 19 assists. It was the game that any child has dreamt about. I could score any shot, that day I saw the basket as big as a pool. I remember it as one of the happiest days of my life and thanks to this game I was chosen to be part of the U-16 pre-National team. Even though I did not succeed to be part of the definitive team, it was a nice experience that allowed me to sign for Manresa, who had been following me.


Growth in Manresa

I keep a great memory of Manresa in spite of the beginnings were not that easy. When you are 15, it's hard to leave home and it’s especially hard being away from my family and friends. But this made me grew and mature both as a person and player and I had also the opportunity to meet kind people and make good friends with whom I am still in touch. If it hadn't been for Manresa, it is very likely that today I wouldn't be where I am. I will always be thankful to the club.


After 4 amazing years in Manresa, I was called by Real Madrid. It was a unique opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you have to take. To defend this jersey is an enormous responsibility and a dream come true at the same time. Since I was a child, I had always been a Real Madrid supporter and I used to watch all the games wearing the jersey of the best team of the world. Now I have the opportunity to wear it on the court and that is a great feeling. Two months after arriving to Real Madrid, we won the league  by defeating Barça at their court and that feeling was just incredible.



The summers spent with the Spanish National team deserve a chapter a part. I'm proud of representing my country and defending its jersey in any tournament. We are a great family and you can feel that inside and outside the field. To be able to share lockerroom with an historical generation of the Spanish basketball and with some of the all-time greatest players in Spain is an honour and a privilage.



Your support is essential

During the text, I have not particularly mentioned any person because I don't want to forget anyone who has helped me or keeps helping me during my career. All of them know how much I appreciate them and I will always be thankful.

Today, after a lot of years in Real Madrid and after the repoker of titles lifted last year in a perfect season for us, I keep the same illusion that the 5-year-old child who started playing basketball at his school. Thanks a lot to everyone for your continouos support and messages that turn great moments into incredible ones and bad moments into not that bad ones.

Thanks to everyone!


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