Hello everybody!

It's been six months since the knee injury. Lots of things have happened during these weeks but above all, hard work almost every day, so as to be able to be back soon.

It was slower first because of the type of injury and little by little we were able to do more things and work on different exercises. From one stage to the next one the rehab process has been very demanding so far: it's an important challenge not only to be back soon but to be back stronger!!

There's still some hard work ahead and much to improve. Strengthening the knee is part of the work but once accomplished I will need to catch up with my team mates and get in shape for competing. That time is not yet here but I am pretty sure I will be there soon because of all the effort and tough work.

We face the most crucial part of the season now so I will be next to my team mates giving them my support every game. With your support as well, we will get the best results, I am sure!



More than 2 months...

It's already been 2 months since I got injured playing with the Spanish National Team when preparing the European Championship this past summer. Time goes by quickly and both the Spanish competition and the Euroleague have launched their new seasons, and I keep working hard for being back with my team and my team mates as soon as possible and stronger than ever. I have already left the crutches behind which feels great after so many weeks.
Thanks to the hard work from all the professionals I've had and have around me and thanks also to current sports medicine my rehab moves forward very fast and I am very happy with the results so far. However, the ACL requires some time so there's still quite a way to go, that I will walk yet with hard work and being very optimistic and positive.
I will keep sharing with all of you some moments from my day to day during this rehab, and also some other ones from the time I spend with my team mates wherever that happens. I want to truly thank you all your support, from the very beginning. To know that you are still there and receive your consistent inspiration has given me the spirit for facing this stage of my career with the biggest determination and strength.
Let's stay together during the rest of the journey!

Thank you all!

Thank you very much!!

Good night,
Yesterday in Santa Cruz de Tenerife I got injured during our game against Belgium's National Team and tore my right knee's Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). I will have surgery within the next days and will be several months rehabilitating before I can get back to the game.
I want to thank the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), my National Team's team mates, our coaching staff and our medical staff, and all those people who have sent their support this past day. I am truly thankful and they encourage me for facing bravely this rehab stage for being back stronger than ever both with Real Madrid and with the Spanish National Team.
Thanks for your support and affection!! You fill me with strength and positive energy!!

I will be back!

New assists record in a playoff game

Sergio Llull broke the record for more assists in a play off game with 15 passes, in the match against Morabanc Andorra at the Palacio. The previous record was held ex aequo by three legendary names of the Spanish league: Bennett, Turner and Michael Anderson.


Only 4 days after being named MVP of the Euroleague Regular Season Sergio Llull received the award for the Liga Endesa's Regular Season MVP. Sergio Llull, who is having a very good season, focuses now in the play offs that take the Whites to play Morabanc Andorra in this first round.

2016-17 Euroleague MVP

After being named in the 2016-17 all-Euroleague's first team, Llull was the player who received more votes for the MVP. The player from Mahón averaged 16.4 points, 5.9 assists and 2.2 three pointers per game and had already earned MVP for the month of November and for rounds 7 and 27.

Sergio Llull, who felt honored for receiving the award, said after accepting the trophy, "I want to congratulate all players here tonight. I think they all could have won it. I also want to thank the fans and media for voting for me. Last but not least, I want to thank my teammates and coaches who work with me all year, because without them it would have been impossible to win this award. Thank you.".


10 years as a White

Today, May the 10th 2017, marks Sergio Llull's 10th anniversary at Real Madrid. The player from Mahón landed in the Spanish capital with only 19 years old and played the reamining of the season with the Whites signing for the next 2 seasons as well. Joan Plaza was the team’s coach and Raúl López and Kerem Tunçeri were the other point guards. Sergio Llull arrived for playing the playoffs to the title, a trophy he got one month later.

It would the first one of 14 trophies to come with Real Madrid. A decade later Sergio is one of the best European guards. Llull wants to continue enlarging his record book with Real and he has a new opportunity in two weeks where he will competes in a new Final Four at the Euroleague, in Istambul. It would be his second continental trophy, after winning the first in 2015 against Olympiacos.

1.000 threes with Real Madrid!!

A month and a half after becoming the best three point scorer in Real Madrid's history Sergio passes the 1.000 three pointers in his 11th season as a Real Madrid player.

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